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Cécile is an sustainable florist, she grows much more than just flowers. Each petal that blossoms in her workshop is the fruit of a philosophy deeply rooted in respect for Nature and ecological balance.
A landscape engineer by training, Cécile worked in several structures: design office, local authorities, plant nursery manager, before creating La Fabrique à Pensées. This diversity of approaches and experiences allowed Cécile to offer a shared, committed and viable project, imbued with a strong artistic dimension.
In order to complete her training, Cécile has worked with several renowned florists, of different styles but always strongly imbued with this relationship with the surrounding encironment: Atelier Aimer, Un Brin à l’Ouest, Sue Mac Leary, Les Ephémères.
Cécile is passionate about her profession and the environment that surrounds her, committed to harvesting her flowers sustainably, by promoting local and seasonal crops. She works with local producers, favouring agricultural practices that respect biodiversity and limiting the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
In her workshop, each stem is handled with gentleness, each bouquet composed with care, respecting natural resources. Packaging is reduced to what is strictly necessary, preferring recycled and biodegradable materials. Nothing is wasted, each element finds its place in ephemeral yet meaningful artistic creations.
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Beyond her commercial activity, Cécile is also committed to raising awareness of the importance of sustainable consumption in her customers. Within the concept store, she shares her know-how, encouraging everyone to adopt simple actions to preserve our planet, starting with the choice of flowers grown in an ecological way.
Cécile is not just a shopkeeper, she is a true ambassador of nature, inspiring visitors to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.
The farm itself is a workplace. It is not open to the public or by reservation. Themed visits can also be offered or organised on request.
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